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Yardline Special Events | Costco Wood Sheds
Source: Costco Connection April 2021 Issue

I fell in love with a photo in the April 2021 issue of Costco Connection. Literally. They were profiling a Yardline Shed as a great option for extra space as you continue to work from home (WFH) or use as an art studio, yoga space or the more traditional garden shed. What I loved about it were the barn doors – not too common for a shed in the backyard. What I didn’t love about it …. well, truth be told …. most of the uses they suggested.

Let’s face it, here in Florida it’s a great idea for about 3 months of the year, during daylight hours. What will you do with it for the rest of the year, you know, when you need it on a regular basis? In addition to purchasing the shed, you’ll need to consider air conditioning, lighting, and for some of us – heating if we are to be true to its intended use. For those of you out of state, the latter two considerations are tantamount when making such a decision.

And then there’s the recovering bureaucrat in me that just can’t shake some of the safety issues a homeowner should consider when deciding on such an alternative solution. Will you get a permit to erect this on your property? In most jurisdictions, this is a must, not an option. Will you use tie-downs to secure the structure as per required code (you know, in the event of a severe storm/hurricane) and seek those pesky permits for the electrical and/or HVAC?

Doing without jeopardizes damage to your home or structures and homes around you, should the shed get snagged in one of those wind tunnels Florida is famous for. Insurance won’t protect you without the shed having obtained those mandatory permits.

Certainly, you can install one and hope for the best. If you are ever caught by your jurisdiction’s code department you face stiff penalties for having it erected without the proper clearances. And what if a not-so-nice neighbor turns you into the authorities? Is it worth the risk to you?

There are other options out there, and as I stated in my most recent Quick Clip, it might be time for you to start thinking of using your garage in a different manner. But more on that shortly!

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