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Have Fun with Your Space!

LJ Hannah

Originally published on my LinkedIn page 1/18/21

I have always loved mid-century design. Long before I got into the business I’m in (I’m a recovering bureaucrat who did this on the side as a hobby for friends and family), I gravitated to bold and bright colors (I have always loved painting the walls in my various homes a rainbow of color) and always loved the simplistic shapes of mid-century design. It has influenced me enough to state I have an eclectic collection and style throughout my villa. I may not have an original noguchi table, but I’m proud to state I do have period pieces in my living room that lend to Isamu Noguchi’s design!

To that end, imagine my surprise to find an article in this morning’s edition of the South Florida Sun Sentinel discussing the recent trends in home office design. Author Elizabeth Segran of Fast Company had occasion to speak with Jonathan Adler to obtain his perspective and I was delighted to see my opinion is in good company! “We need to shift our mindset from improvising to making more permanent changes,” he says. Adler believes you should choose things that make you happy. I couldn’t agree more! What began as a quick-fix to working in a new environment at home for the short-term has turned into refocusing where we work from.

Pivot, pivot, pivot – seems to have been “the” word of 2020. Gratefully, I haven’t had to resort to such language in my recent articles though it has been my underlying theme as I ask everyone about their new workspace. How are you presenting yourself on those Zoom calls? Time to think strategically – does your desk have to be your Zoom space? Perhaps it really is time to dedicate a space in your home for your office, maybe even venture out to designating a certain area in your home just for Zoom calls that doesn’t necessarily have to portray the staid office environment you once worked in. Have fun with what may very well be a long-term engagement. Adler added, “You should recognize that your Zoom space says something about you, so you should make sure it’s saying the right thing.” The complete article may be found at: https://enewspaper.sun-sentinel.com/infinity/article_share.aspx?guid=1026a098-10a1-4352-9e83-d01c201ada09

I am Your Spacial Specialist and I’d be pleased help shift your personal or professional environment into something you would be proud of and productive in!

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