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Frustrated with a room in your home or office? Have you been searching for that certain “je ne sais quoi” to bring a space to the next level?

LJ Hannah

Perhaps you’ve recently moved to new home and have a blank palette from which to work from and have no idea how to begin. Maybe you’ve been in your home for several years and have decided it’s time to make a change. In search of a uniform and cohesive look for the various workstations at the office? I haven’t met a challenge yet that I haven’t be able to offer a solution to!

Much like a puzzle, sometimes we have certain pieces to that puzzle yet can’t seem to find that one piece to finish it. Have you ever walked into a room and wondered what was missing? I can help. Unlike a traditional designer, I am able to design furniture pieces for your space, and thanks to an affiliation with Closet Factory – a leader in the organizational industry – those units will be constructed onsite in your home of office to complete your room by true craftsmen.

I have a lifetime of experience (practical with an intuitive gift I am unable to explain coupled with professional training) working with spaces and the limitations many have and I’m here to solve your space issues.

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