November 24


Becoming LJ – Week 9

LJ Hannah

Who needs lions and tigers and bears? Oh my! (you know – the famous line from the Wizard of Oz?)

Well, I’ve got brain-farts, epiphanies and aha moments … brain-farts, epiphanies and aha moments – so there!

I am one third of the way through my journey and I realized this past weekend I have been neglecting my side gig which is supposed to be going to be my new life in a couple of years as I retire my day job. Mind blowing that I’ve been so involved on this journey that I neglected this portion of my life. That started to get change this weekend and I am focused on my prize. Maybe it was also partially due to the pain I had been working through, but I truly was lasor-focused on our weekly tasks and assignments that I inadvertently forgot about my daily living.  Time to get back to reality!

Snowbirds are back in Florida and work is cray-cray. I will overcome. I will persevere! Besides, I need to make some money – gone too long without having done so and the slide of my credit card strip is fading quickly …. must replenish … must stop sliding …. must make money.

Getting into the swing of having an actual mastermind partner who understands what I’m going through. I hope I will be of service to her as much as she already has been to me. I look forward to sharing this with her. Many friends and neighbors know I’ve been up to something and every time I take the time to explain what this journey is all about their eyes glaze – so a kindred spirit is much needed.

May everyone who reads this have enjoyed a safe and event-free Thanksgiving.  I have decided to frequent my newly-found-favorite steakhouse and look forward to having a rare piece of prime rib. Veggies will be turned into a quiche in a few days and I love the bartender – takes a pro to make a French Martini to please this discerning critic! Blessings. LJ

  • I did the exact same thing LJ. I completely stopped recruiting and building my biz during the month of October and realized my checks were shrinking. I too was completely focused on keeping up that I forgot why I actually decided to do it. Loved your blog and love your passion.

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