November 20


Becoming LJ – Week 8

LJ Hannah

I started to reread Haanel this week. And I continue to read Hill. Now I am on the same chapter for both! And I’m catching things I missed in the previous weeks. So cool!

I’ve been calling this a program and it’s structured and gives us the independence to think for ourselves, dream for ourselves and provides us with the right tools to use; yet another aha moment hit me this week – from now on this will be named a journey – my journey! Whenever I hear us or myself say the program, I think AA. So, a simple retooling and I’m more than good.

Another aha moment came to me on Saturday: my entire life I’ve heard so many sayings, like I am the captain of my own ship, or this is my destiny, etc. I am actually now believing these and they are not just sayings!

Been back for a little more than a week and I’m already witnessing some very bad habits reemerging. For example, reacting to everything on my calendar and not planning. Part of this is due to the fact that I’m given leads from the company and don’t know from one day to the next what my schedule will be. But I’m not liking losing this control again, it’s not serving my purpose right now. What I am catching myself doing is tossing the negativity away. My reality is I have to make money, as my side gig is not my main source to work and earn from. I’m pleased I’m able to keep my morning routine intact and am learning to deal with the rest, which is inconvenient at best.

Last week I mapped out some of the things we’ve been learning so when we got to this week’s webinar, it made even more sense to me! The pieces of the puzzle continue to come together. Bring it on!

  • This is so exciting!!! I love how you are now on a journey – LJ’s Journey of Discovery!!! You have motivated me to pick up Hill, again. Thank you for sharing so openly!

  • What a great insight to change the language you were using to describe this! And so cool when those familiar phrases take on new and deeper meanings. And, great noticing about habits! First is awareness! And you are making intentional choices about it all! Great journey!

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