November 14


Becoming LJ – Week 7

LJ Hannah

I need to catch my breath. And I do. Multiple times a day since returning home. I am refreshed, grounded and rested. The cruise was just the right length to work on me – and I needed that!

I’ve mentioned that I’m pretty faithful to the program but the one frustrating thing to me is having to log my activities each day. Even though I’m doing them, I completely forget to open the app up so when I look at my stats they suck. Laura would have hated this and LJ is learning how to live with it! Now if I could just rewire my brain to catch those shapes and colors … it will happen and I am learning to be patient … too bad it’s not on my timeline!

On Wednesday I shared my lunch with a homeless person. He came into the restaurant with a dollar and change and asked to buy a sandwich, I had just been given my platter so I decided to share it with him and asked for another to go case so he could have most of my lunch. I can’t physically eat a lot of food and I already knew I had too much to eat so I found this to be synchronicity in helping someone else out. The new me is more attentive to my surroundings and I was pleased not to be judge mental, there is hope for me yet!

Seriously, I am very proud of having done that. This week’s challenge is trying to think of how to tackle the musical diary task. Aside from actually getting something that will motivate me and keep me energized, I’m considering doing a second recording with some classical background music that I could play in a loop as i fall asleep. Grateful we have another week to accomplish this.

  • Hi LJ I just started reading some of your blogs and I love your honesty! I wanted to comment on your weeks 14 and 15 but I can’t seem to find aplace to do that. I can like, but not comment. Is there something you need to set? You are not alone in your colors and shapes challenge!!

    • Wow – I’m going to have to look to see what I may have done differently (on first blush I’m thinking I posted those from my pc and not my phone with the app, but won’t be able to do till on return home Monday.

      I thought I was alone on my shapes challenge – you’ve just made my day – to know I’m not alone is reassuring!

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