October 30


Becoming LJ – Week 5

LJ Hannah

If you know me, you know that my name is Laura. When I started work at my day job almost five years ago there was another Laura there and three ladies named Laurie. There was no way I was going to be referred to at the new girl or the other Laura so I asked everyone to call me LJ. It stands for my given name and my middle name. A little over a month ago I realized I was starting to like the person I was becoming and decided I wanted everyone to call me LJ. It’s a transition, but a good one. Now, when I hear Laura I think of old-me and shrug off the negative connotations that memory brings. Some are accepting of this request and others, well – they’ll catch on eventually!

This is my first 14-day cruise solo. I’ve been on a many solo before, but no for this long. Traditionally, I don’t fly to catch a cruise, I’m in Florida afterall and can drive to every port in the state in five hours or less! But this one intrigued me. I finally am getting to see the Southern Caribbean – having only visited one port on this itinerary before (St. Maarten). And I flew to NYC to board, this is a repositioning cruise, another first for me (I’ve always thought I’d be taking a repositioning cruise across the Atlantic ocean – next time!), we’ll end up in Miami in a couple of weeks. How cool is that? I know, it really is!

Made it to NYC by 11:30 am, caught the shuttle to get a train to Penn Station. From there I took the subway to 72/Broadway and caught a bus to within 6 blocks of the cruise terminal (short and rather enjoyable walk for the final distance) in Manhattan. Checked in and made it to my cabin by 2pm! I really do have to see New York one day. So proud I navigated public transit there – alone – with suitcase in tow!

I knew I’d be doing a bunch of reflecting this trip, didn’t realize how much. Presently we are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean almost halfway between NYC and St. Maarten – calm seas and true beauty on this ship. I’m making the most of what is offered and only had the tv on Monday. This truly will be a cleansing experience for me!!! And I began my mental diet today – so far, so good. Now about those opinions I’m also working on … it takes practice and I’m catching myself so progress on that front as well!

Apologies for any typos – I can’t talk to text on the ship and going to save my internet time for Sunday’s webinar. Till then – LJ

  • What a perfect environment for reflection! A re-positioning cruise, a discovery of LJ!!! The Mental Diet and NO Opinions are great cleansing exercises – GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Travel blessings!!!

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