October 23


Becoming LJ – Week 4

LJ Hannah

Someday, it could be tomorrow, it could be in a month or it could be next year, but at some point in my future my friends and family will find this site.  Trying to explain this program to the few people I’ve chosen to share this with has been a challenge. It’s more than a mindfulness program I tell them. They smile, show encouragement and I know they don’t get it. Their loss, my gain. So hi there folks – this is what it’s all about – and more – SO MUCH MORE! Welcome to my new life.

I’ve been struggling with some serious pain issues the past three months.  Following a bunch of experimentation with traditional medicine, and the obligatory dance with insurance, I’m finally getting some much-needed physical therapy.  It’s helping, but only for a block of a couple of hours at a time.

Much like finding out about this program (see Week 1), and thanks to some wonderful people I have met through my networking (see Week 3), I found out about another not-so-mainstream alternative to treat my pain.  Of course it’s not covered under any insurance. Couple that with the fact that I haven’t earned more than $500 since June and I was extremely hesitant to pursue it.  Needless to say, I’ve been living off my credit card – literally and figuratively. This pain has overwhelmed me which has affected my income-earning potential so I decided to make an appointment.

Last Friday I had my first CranioSacral Therapy session. I had my second session yesterday and I can’t wait for my third appointment on Friday. If this program is a game-changer then this therapy is its equal. Mind-blowing actually. Light years ahead of PT. Coupled together (CST and PT), I am confident I’ll be back to me soon enough. GUESS WHAT? The CST is COMPLETELY spot on with MKE!!!  As my therapist manipulates (non-invasive AND pain-free) my body in the sessions, she speaks of SO many things aligned with this program! She is also intrigued about my weekly shares with her on what we discussed on our weekly webinar and tasks to concentrate on for the week! Have I mentioned Divine intervention and the Universe aligning for me recently?

Mind you, it doesn’t hurt that I’m leaving for a two-week cruise on Monday (cruising is part of my life – it is factored into everything I do – from my schedule to my budget). Cruising allows me to disconnect from life and escape. I eat well, sleep well and enjoy all the ship has to offer.  Normally I don’t talk to fellow passengers – I like my me time – alone. I do go to great pains to speak to the crew – no matter rank. They work extremely hard to make our vacations special and they deserve to be spoken to and not spoken at. I digress.

I bring up cruising due to this program. For the first time, I have vowed to myself that I will engage with other passengers. I need to let down the myriad of walls I have constructed around myself. Further, I need to start building my networking business. So engage I shall do as I always keep my promises. Wish me luck! Again, due to this program, I’ll be making use of the internet onboard. I’m not sure how well the satellites will work but I plan to participate in the webinars on 11/3 and 11/10 (I’ll still be home this weekend for week 5). The program is that important to me.

A few entries ago I mentioned how I noticed I’m watching much less television. That continues. I’m reading more. I’m keeping up with my duties for the program. And I realized a few days ago, I haven’t had a cigarette in at least a week (I’ve been on Chantix for five years) – as a matter of fact – today marks TWO WEEKS!!! This should be it. No more dependency on those things. I’m working on me, right? Yup, I sure am. So – hasta la bye-bye. As for the alcohol intake during my cruise – well, I won’t chastise myself if I end up partaking – I am on vacation afterall! But even that (alcohol) has been dramatically reduced since beginning the program.

My next couple of entries should be interesting. I’m looking forward to them. Ciao for now – LJ

  • This is such a bright and uplifting blog! Thank you!!! I am so happy you are getting relief for your pain. And the changes are so exciting. I can’t wait to read your ‘cruising’ blogs. Your commitment to this program is tremendous and admirable. Bon Voyage!!!

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