January 21


Becoming LJ – Week 17

LJ Hannah

Being in an enclosed space (cruise ship) since the weekend has given me opportunity to reflect more than normal. I’ve had an amazing opportunity to re-watch every Digital Solutions webinar and caught more things I missed on the original evening.

I’m grateful to be able to get away for a week and commit this time to myself (I can be at the beach within five minutes at home and can sit in the sun anytime I so desire – these are activities that are no longer high on my priority list).

I don’t normally have a name plate or wine in front of me when working!

It’s been slow going with limited service which has extended the time spent on each yet I’ve been determined to complete this task. I have two days left to re-watch weeks 6 and 7 of our MKE webinar to see if I can figure out why I’ve had such a mental block with the shapes and colors.

On the second day of this cruise I experienced yet another aha moment. I’m amazed at how aware I am becoming! What a gift. I am blessed.

I’ve been living with love in my heart more than I realized since this concept was introduced to me a short few weeks ago. This came to me out of nowhere in an elevator on the ship on my first day. I caught myself actually looking at the person I was saying hello to and not just saying hello as a pleasantry to be dismissed as soon as it was uttered – I truly looked at him. Then it hit me, this has become my new normal. True connection to that person whether they are willing to receive it or not. That is a gift – and one I’ve been giving without trying – another wall or layer has been taken down from my old world. Now, I will mindfully work on smiling when saying hi!

If this layer of my subconscious is working, then the rest of my subby is surely working towards my definite main purpose in life, right? I continue to have faith and am proud to recognize there is growth within me. Each accomplishment brings me closer to the Universal. Amen!

  • …I’ve been living with love in my heart more than I realized…

    Awesome LJ! It strikes me often when I read our Law Of Giving cards how I want to be more and more aware of those 4 promises we make. In fact, they are all about the love of which you write. Get out of my own little world and into the bigger one!

    • That’s why I treasure my time away cruising Randy. I’ve always been able to calm down, relax and reflect in an environment that enriches such activity. Moreso for the past two I’ve taken as they’ve provided me with ample time to work on “me,” and I’m starting to “see” the difference! Don’t get out of your own little world – it will be the pathway to the greatest bigger world ever!

  • What great self observations!!! Through your writing I can hear the celebratory joy of these observations!!! I celebrate with you and am so excited for you. Thanks for being transparent and encouraging!!!

  • “Then it hit me, this has become my new normal.” Love that! Isn’t it great when we realized we’ve slowly changed and that something that was once a stretched is now just normal for us? I wrote about that last week too- about the normalization of my DMP. So beautiful that you’ve been living with love in your heart! 🙂

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