January 18


Becoming LJ – Week 16

LJ Hannah

I started the week off with anticipation for Saturday’s Duplicating School with Mark. The closer it came the more fearful I became since I had put “all my eggs in that one basket” and I realized I built this all-or-nothing mechanism that should never have been there. Damn that old DNA rearing its ugly head. I asked a lot of questions, was truthful with my replies when asked questions, yet walked away bruised (NOT hurt) after being called selfish. Had a great conversation with my guide Louise and am now trying to work through how selfish was used since I only see it in a literal translation.

Last month I pitched an idea to the women’s club at my association: Movie Night on Tuesdays in our clubhouse. It was met with positive comments and I began to plan showing a couple of holiday-themed nights in December to “practice” for when everyone returned in the new year. They supported my request to use our community popcorn-making machine so I serve it as we begin the movie.

Last week Eat, Pray Love (this month’s theme is starting anew) failed me and we ended up watching Rebecca – completely not what I had in mind but it was free and available. Ended up being a super movie and was Alfred Hitchcock ‘s introduction to the US market. Apologies – I digress yet again! This Tuesday we watched Pay It Forward. Wow. Twist at the end. Impactful. Wow. To think when I planned this month’s movies I had no idea we’d be working on Franklin’s Makeover and that showing the movie this week fell on out Kindness week. That was a double-triple whammy for me. No one can tell me I wasn’t ready for this journey. I signed up to better my business, I am bettering me so much more and that’s fundamental to ever grow my biz. Who knew?

  • …I am bettering me so much more and that’s fundamental to ever grow my biz…

    Very true LJ — you’ll hear it said that our businesses are a ‘self-improvement program with a compensation plan.’

  • Look at you setting up movie night and bringing people together!!! It is too bad you don’t know how to talk to people. Wow, if this is the result of not talking to people, I better start keeping my mouth shut!!! You are the bomb, LJ!!! Way to go!!!

    • I seriously don’t know how to talk to people about my side gig. Put me in a controlled situation and I’ve got no problems – I’ve spoken in front of hundreds and television and a bunch of other stuff in my old life but this is completely different!

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