January 10


Becoming LJ – Week 15

LJ Hannah

Another aha moment yet again during the webinar on Sunday when we were told of Franklin’s Makeover and how it’s been modified for our use through the Master Key Experience!

Identifying the shapes and colors since we were first assigned that task has been an ongoing challenge for me, I haven’t given up, but I certainly suffer from some form of block to accomplishing this. Our makeover speaks to me – no, it SCREAMS to me – and I’m actually excited to be doing this. It’s only been a few days and I’ve had more success with this than the aforementioned task!

I continue to have faith I will eventually catch on and overcome my mental block for the shape and color exercise and add to my arsenal of tools to become that better “me!”

Aside from participating in this life affirming program I have acquired a habit that I truly enjoy and that is the weekly zoom call with my team. Even though we’ve touched base back-and-forth on Marco Polo during the break it was great to see people live and talk to people live. Sharing with those on the same path is priceless! I’ve come to enjoy this time immensely, albeit I am not very awake by that hour when we have it, yet it is in an immeasureable experience and I continue to enjoy such interaction. Observing how we’ve grown together, shared our experiences, and have become so comfortable with one another on this journey is an amazing opportunity. I’ve enjoyed watching our progression.

This weekend I head to Fort Myers to participate in Mark’s MLM training. I simply CANNOT wait. It is IMPERATIVE I learn what is my missing link to become the success that awaits me. I will be challenging myself to speak to other participants as much as possible (and not just under whatever opportunities are given to us to do so) to break down my old DNA. I am actually excited to meet new people!

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