January 2


Becoming LJ – Week 14

LJ Hannah

Unbelievable – truly halfway through this journey (program). Where did this time go? A roller coaster. Even with my vertigo I wouldn’t get off this one – too much at stake.

Holy crapper-doo-doos Batman I really know I’m going to make it. Yes, I will. And I trust the process implicitly. I need to rid myself of my old DNA – no es bueno. Nope, not at all. It will come with practice. Back to my new basics. Survived the holidays. No family drama – and THAT is a small win to CELEBRATE – actually that’s a HUGE WIN – and I’m celebrating whilst longing for my nephew and his family as I type and they make the 36-hour drive back to Montreal.

I am gaining confidence – not where I want to be – but gaining is a win in itself – so screw you DNA – LJ is on a roll and IS going to persevere.

Scroll IV hits home once again. I am learning to love myself and now accept I AM nature’s greatest miracle. How could I not be? Seriously, it’s taken a miracle to make it this far in my life and now I know it won’t be a miracle but true alignment with Universal Mind that will take me to lengths I can’t even imagine at this time. My day is coming. I haven’t worked this hard for nothing. Nope, no grain of sand here. Here and now I proclaim my uniqueness to the world! And I always keep my promises.

  • Such an exciting and uplifting post!!! I love ‘A roller coaster. Even with my vertigo I wouldn’t get off this one’. It is so true and I am right there with you! What an amazing journey! I love my travel companions!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

    • I’m literally forcing myself to be positive – finances are of tantamount concern and I’m working VERY hard to squash those thoughts to the wayside daily – sis-Boom-Bah Go Substitution!

  • I look forward to seeing you proclaim your uniqueness to the world!!! Yay! This scroll hit me right on the nose as well. Love this. The timing is perfect. Goes along with other things I am reading and right where I am. I can’t wait to see and hear more of the uniqueness that is you!

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