Meet LJ Hannah, a self-proclaimed recovering bureaucrat who listens to her heart and shares her love of design so you love the space you’re in!  A life-long hobby of intuitive staging homes for family, neighbors, and friends transformed LJ  into the “Spacial Specialist.  She immerses herself into your home or office so that you enjoy your new stylish and functional space.

  “It just happens naturally.”  Humbly, LJ says her talents are God-given and hones her skillset through an affiliation with Closet Factory – the industry leader in home organization – to provide the best possible services above and beyond interior design and organization.  She consistently uses technology and sound basic practices to transform your personal or professional environment into peaceful, beautiful, comfortable, and functional spaces.

 LJ’s clients are most thrilled by the culmination of her creativity and a space that aligns with and reflects their personalities.  Whether you would like her to recreate spaces from a magazine or bring your personality into the transformation, she does so using her quirky charm to add to the individuality of your space as she brings it to life.

 Before embarking on the career of her dreams, LJ spent 25 years as a public servant in local government, proudly reaching her goal to become a city manager. Adept at seeing the “big” picture – thanks to that time of her life focused on being organized, managing projects, and being a visionary – this experience enhanced her ability to envision how the space in your home or office works best.

 Born and raised in Montreal, LJ moved to Toronto at age 23 and then emigrated to Florida in 1989. She is multilingual (English with some “Spanglish” and “Frenglish” to make it work!)

 On a very personal note, her path is one of self-enlightenment – to return to a simpler lifestyle and focus on what she considers to be the most important aspects of appreciating everything and everyone that surrounds her.   Her conviction to inner work has helped her create a positive mind shift thanks to The Master Key Experience where she learned how to redefine many habits constructively.

 A believer in alternative therapies to treat illnesses and pain, LJ embraces a cleaner and greener lifestyle. A volunteer since her early teens, she believes in actively participating in making a difference. From humble beginnings volunteering for the Boys’ & Girls’ Club as a 16-year old, to working in the HIV/AIDS community for more than a dozen years in the early 90’s, and through to her current time with Volunteers of the Palm Beaches. 

 She lives in South Florida in a villa surrounded by all that she loves. Her mission is to help you create a space that helps you live the life you love, too.